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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Lest we forget [Semi-Open]

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PostSubject: Lest we forget [Semi-Open]   Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:46 am

“… He was a young man of great potential, and all those who knew him, will miss him. But let his death not be forgotten. In his memory, the Amell Foundation will donate ten million dollars to go towards the school’s recovery and future security. No other student that attends Beata Academy will go through what happened to Sebastian. Thank you all for joining us today, I know that he would have been happy to see us all united in celebration of his life.” It was more a PR stunt that a funeral, Cayden watched the old man step down from the podium with his assistants help, his polished wooden cane thumping quietly as he went over to place the first flower on top of Sebastian’s embalmed corpse. Emmanuel Amell, esteemed member of the French high society, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and CEO of Credit Aigle. He ran the Amell Foundation now in his old age, and it seemed not even his great grandson’s death would phase his cutthroat business mind. He wanted to puke at how perfectly saddened the old man looked, gently touching Sebastian’s face as if he meant anything to him. He betted that Emmanuel hadn’t even met Sebastian twice before today, yet here he was, pretending everyone was one big happy family for the press.

“Cayden.” A gentle hand touched his clenched fist, even with her eyes glistening with barely held back tears, Claudia managed to play the diplomat, knowing that her eldest son was seconds from doing something stupid. She didn’t deserve this. If there was anyone in this family who truly was blameless, it was his mother and of course, his sister. They were meant to be up there, the first to lay a rose, to be allowed to touch Sebastian one last time before the casket and six feet of dirt separated them from him forever. But that spineless fucker did nothing. What was the point of his balls? Were they just for show?

Only after Emmanuel, Felix, and fucking Renard of all people placed down their roses, did Henry rise up from his seat. Only his mother’s tight grip on his fist stopped him from punching his father across the face, anything to see something what wasn’t stoicism. He was burning inside, a raging bushfire that swallowed up all his senses and left him a burnt out husk. Every time he thought about how Sebastian had died, a hole torn through him, Cayden felt an ache as if it had happened to him too. He broken in a way he’d never felt before, his heart empty of anything that wasn’t pure, unadulterated grief. How could he bear to see others touch his son before him? How could he endure this PR stunt that Sebastian’s memorial had become?

He wanted to scream. Scream again and again till his voice would go hoarse.

Sebastian didn’t deserve this. He deserved to at least be loved and cherished here. But even at his own funeral, he was surrounded by snakes and timid mice that wouldn’t save him. They’d taken him when he was eight, tearing him away from the only family he’d ever known. From Claudia. From Stephanie. From him. But Henry, he was okay with watching them take Sebastian from them again. Spineless fucking coward.

As she got up to place her rose in Sebastian’s coffin, Claudia plead with her eyes for Cayden to behave. ‘Not today,’ she said so loudly with her face that it stung him. Another time, another place, he would have snapped out, rebelled for the sake of it, to show her that as long as she let them crush her, he’d never respect her truly. But even his spite had its limits. He nodded weakly, before staring into his white rose. The way some of its petals were already browned from tiny tears. The way that it’s green leafs had dents and bruises. It was just his body right now, tore up and bruised. The only difference being, this flower was already dying, and would be with his little brother to the end. As the maggots formed and the worms ate at his decaying flesh. While he, he would walk this earth for a while longer.

“Sebastian… Seb…” He spoke softly to himself, so quietly that he couldn’t even hear himself. “Don’t leave me…”


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PostSubject: Re: Lest we forget [Semi-Open]   Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:43 am

In all honesty, she hadn't known Sebastian very well, but just being in a sorrowful environment made her tear up. Pepper sat in her chair that was near the middle of everyone and tried to hold back her tears, wiping them away with her knuckles. The Spring wore a plain black dress and some black flats that matched. Her hair was up in a bun that with a strand braided to make it look a bit more formal. The old man soon finished with his little speech and stepped down from the podium. Well, now what? Looking around, people gathered in small clumps and talked in hushed voices as if they were going to disturb the dead. Turning her gaze back to the front, she noticed a woman get up from next to Cayden and walk to the coffin to give her rose. Damn, Cayden looked miserable.

She'd never seen him looking so... lonely. Through all her anger towards him, she hated seeing him like this; sitting alone in the front row of seats in his slouched position and head hung, she could only imagine what was going through his head. Sebastian was his brother, and however close they might have been, Pepper knew it must be hard to lose a family member. Thinking about how'd she'd react if Louis or any of her brothers died, she tried to shake away the thoughts as tears swelled in her eyes from just the thought. No, I'm not going to think about that right now.

After a few moments of sitting in awkward silence alone in the sea of chairs, Pepper made a bold move. Getting up, she made her way to Cayden and sat down beside him. "I-I'm sorry for your loss," the girl mumbled, her heart starting to race. What if he snapped at her or caused a scene? Praying that he was too upset or sad about his brother to get angry towards her, she sat next to the Autumn, looking at the crowd of people who stood by the coffin.


A funeral, oh joy.

Sitting in a chair with her stuffed bunny on her lap, she watched as people started to mingle after the old man finished talking. I bet he says that same thing for every funeral, she thought glumly to herself. The small girl let out a yawn, starting to get bored. Why was she here again? Wasn't Sebastien a distant relative of her's or something like that? Screw it, she'd figure those details out later.


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Lest we forget [Semi-Open]
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