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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Play with me? [Drugged Plot/Open]

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PostSubject: Play with me? [Drugged Plot/Open]   Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:53 pm

"You are the oceans, gray waves. Destined to seek, life beyond the shores, just out of reach. Yet the waters, ever change, flowing like time, the path is yours to climb." Claire sung in a gentle way, dancing around the courtyard in her black fitted suit that hid multiple little surgical blades. There was a carefree skip in her step as the very air around her rippled and monsters tore through the veil between this world and another. They were grotesque beings, some oozing slime while others had too many teeth that dripped viscous red fluid that most likely was the blood of it's previous victims. The creatures growled lowly, sniffing the air for their next meal, ignoring Claire until the song finally came to a halt with her last words. "...Lost in thought, all alone."

They looked at her hungrily, but before they could snap, a man slide out of the earth behind her. His black eyes filled with amusement as he looked upon their hungry faces, jaws snapping a little too close for comfort. He saluted them with one hand, as another grasped Claire around the waist. "Happy hunting." He called out before dragging her back into the earth with him, leaving behind ravenous monsters lurking around in the courtyard.

OOC: I ain't RPing the monsters unless you desperately want me too. Go make up how disgusting and powerful they are. I believe in you.


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PostSubject: Re: Play with me? [Drugged Plot/Open]   Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:49 pm

So this was the wretched school she had heard so much about.

Elin flicked out her hands, wires of light tied to her fingers like puppet strings. A pack of hellhounds scattered through the courtyard ahead of her, leashed and collared. Their howls and snarls were music to her ears. Finally. They'd been put through enough humiliation at the grimy hands of these louts, and even if it was against Agrona's wishes, once this place was razed to ash, the air would be cleaner.

Their kind of defiance was a weed. It needed to be plucked at the source before it spread. She refused to play chicken any longer.

"Feed, Garmr."

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PostSubject: Re: Play with me? [Drugged Plot/Open]   Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:00 pm

What an awful song.

Irene had known ever inch of the courtyard. It had more or less remained the same since her own says as a student, now pampered and cared for well by their beloved landscaper, wherever he might have been. She tapped her nails nimbly against the window sill, seeing various beats and monsters pulled into the earth, their master seemingly disappearing from whence they came. Another small shape stood, seemingly no older than a child, dark hounds stuck on her own sort of chain. They appeared to leave no numbers spared.

The smallest hint of a smile gave way as she pulled herself up into the window, stepping out and letting herself fall, the wind catching her coat and blowing back her choppy blonde hair. The bushes and flowers below caught her, gripping onto her feet and delicately cushioning her fall. Her emerald eyes darted up, hooking onto the closer creature near her.

The teacher straightened herself out. "Is this all?" She wondered, her voice low. The monster let out a vicious snarl, turning forward and charging at her. She flicked her wrist. The earth below them rumbled, soft soil kicking up and giving way to the tiniest sprout. In the blink of an eye, it surged, a sickening red vine piercing up - forcing its own way through the beasts neck and finding its resting place - just between its eyes.

Satisfaction glimmered in her eyes as it collapsed. One down. If they were all this simple, she'd be ashamed if the slaughter would keep her a minute from dinner.
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PostSubject: Re: Play with me? [Drugged Plot/Open]   

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Play with me? [Drugged Plot/Open]
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