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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 K-Kill me harder, senpai {Planning Thread}

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PostSubject: K-Kill me harder, senpai {Planning Thread}   Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:52 pm

The planning thread for this fun topic. You've agreed to murder your kids because you're a sadist deep inside. Time to plan out how those babies are gonna get murdered.

I've written up the list below of who's who. Organise things via cbox or pm or skoop and fill out the form below to tell me how your kid is gonna die or get fugged up in the battle for Beata.

Drugged Students

Pepper AshinaDragon PhysioIceINJURENo
Alexander DayWing ManipCoonDeathYes - Kenelm
Mitchell FaganThread ManipCoonDeathYes - Jonno
William KennedyKinetic Energy Manip.WildINJURENo
Declan RogersDensity Manip.ShadINJURENo
Mikhail RomanovShatterRooInjuredYes - Janya
Arianne SonVector ManipRooInjuredNo
Eliana VulpesFox TransformationEbuDeathYes - Montare
Sam WickerEnergy BlastsWildDeadYes - Larissa
Innocent Bystanders

Kenelm AliumEagle PhysiologyMountExistNot Looking
Conrad AlthausHydrokinesisRooDeathYes - Declan
Janya AndersSkeletal Dragon Mim.CoonInjuryYes - Milk
Desseroi BellefleurForcefield CreationRooDeathYes - Pepper
Dimitris ConstanidesIce ManipShadDeath/InjureNo
Robert CooperTelekinesisCoonInjuryNo
Kayla CroftElectricity Manip.SleepyInjureYes - Magic
Aethra EgamireiMirage InducementEchoDeathNo
Fearghas FlanagonMytho PhysioSpinlordINJURENo
Lachesis FluoriteCurse InducementEchoDeathNo
Jane GreyResurrectionSleepyInjureNo
Dakota HallMind ReadingEbuINJUREYes - Magic
Cayden HawkeSolar Manip.RooInjuredYes - Sam
Sebastian HawkeHypnotic SongRooDeathYes - Sam
Barry JacksonGotta go FastWildPAINYes - Cass
Nicola KresnikDemon ChannelingEchoINJURENo
Montare LupoWolf transformationMountInjureNo
Liam MasonFire Manip.EbuExistNot Looking
Yume MurasakiTeleportationEchoDeathNo
Elliot OwenGift EaterSlepINJURENo
Lucetta PorraReflectionCoonInjuryNo
Sloane StalistoOrganic ConstructSpinlordInjuryNo
Lilka TasmasineTime ManipulationEchoDieNo
Nikolaus TigrisFeline PhysiologyRooDeathYes - Eliana
Evelyn WhitePerception BendingSleepyInjureNo
Larissa WickersEnergy BlastsShadowInjureNo
Kyron WilliamsWound TransCabbageInjureNo
Anima YoxallMeltdownerMountExistNot looking
Agrona's Forces

Cassandra GraysonDiamond MimicryRoo
Ju-Min HanRejectionRoo
Quyen LeMartial MimicryEcho
Cameron KnoxAnger InducementWild
Elin NaessLight WiresSleepy
Turner Quinn
(NPC Amell)
Mind ControlRoo
Magic SteinSound ManipCoon
Tell me below if you've claimed a character to kill/hurt.


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PostSubject: Re: K-Kill me harder, senpai {Planning Thread}   Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:32 pm

Box is too chaotic.

Leroy Zykov (kill)
Misty Harris (kill)
Samuel Blaine (AF only/fight)
Paul McLean (kill)
Hal Baker (saved by Paul probably)
Addison Harper (fight)
William Baker (infirmary)
Lynn Sawyer (infirmary)
Jane Grey (infirmary/bedridden)

Elin Naess (fight) (probably throwing her in monster hub topic)
Elliot Owen (fight/won't murder anyone tho)
Evelyn White (injure/pls don't cripple)
Kayla Croft (taken/sry ladies)

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K-Kill me harder, senpai {Planning Thread}
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