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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Whaddup Roomies [Dorm 403] (Open to Autumn)

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PostSubject: Whaddup Roomies [Dorm 403] (Open to Autumn)   Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:19 pm

Modem reluctantly came back to Beata. Life outside these walls just didn't cut it for him. It was constant running from people freaked out by Mr. Plant Boy growing flowers out of his head like nails. Which is so weird. Who wouldn't like a thorn crown they didn't have to take off and on? He was a king after all. King of the Earth. Heh, he liked the sound of that.

The room he assigned to was plain. By plain, Modem meant lacking plants. In reality, the room was messy and unclean. With a grin, Modem placed his dusty backpack on the empty bed in the corner. With a small grunt, Modem heaved his tall and lanky frame onto the bed, crossing his legs under him in a lazy matter. The room was so plain. Drab. Dusty. With a small creak, vines began to creep up the corner walls and the lining of the room. Once they all connected, outlining the corners of wall and roof, the vines started stretching across the ceiling. As they did, his bed started gaining moss slowly. The bed part, he couldn't help. Moss and flowers grew where he stepped or sat or leaned. As the vines thickened, beautiful flowers of every shade grew wildly, creating a canopy of different fuzzy hues. Ivy grew around the window sill, and moss covered the floor like a squishy carpet.

Yes, it was safe to say Modem had grown more powerful since his stabbing accident. Within ten minutes, the room was a wilderness heaven and he felt quite satisfied with his work.

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Whaddup Roomies [Dorm 403] (Open to Autumn)
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