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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Alone [solo;closed]

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PostSubject: Alone [solo;closed]   Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:38 am

Saying that she was bored would be a severe understatement, one that would break the Guinness world record.

There wasn't a single day that she could remember changing up her routine, not one that she could recall in the slightest. Perhaps it had happened at one point, but natural tendencies forced the habits to re-emerge before she could form any new ones. The same things happened for the past half a year or so, ever since coming back from the mission in Vietnam which had been the most eventful thing she had participated in within the year and a half she had attended the renowned academy. Wake up early in the morning, make some omelettes for breakfast, attend lessons and endure insufferable lectures and ramblings of teachers who she was becoming convinced didn't know what they were talking about, grab lunch from the cafeteria, go to the second half of classes that were forced upon them, dinner, homework, television, sleep. Rinse and repeat in an endless cycle.

A dimmed white light shone as the sole source of brightness in the closed off room - all curtains closed and tied to one another -, darkness flowing through every nook and cranny of the area like water being poured into a container with only a half-melted ice cube floating on the surface, pushing away the transparent liquid with its buoyancy in a fruitless effort. Fingernails clicked as they came in contact with the phone screen in slow, over-drawn gestures. The light changed positions a couple times as it was hoisted up into the air as a beacon before falling flat with a deafened thud!, rays flashing into blurred grey eyes, blinding them even under the security of the thin layer of flesh that created her eyelids. Tabitha blinked, groaning as she lifted her phone from her face, her other hand bunching her blankets into a series of wrinkles and folds, pulling the squashed body pillow in closer.

The screen was reflected itself into her irises, mirroring a blank canvas filled with irrelevant walls of text that contained too much information that nobody needed. From time to time, she would expectantly glance towards the door or keep her ears open so that maybe, maybe someone would walk in or rampantly knock to try and grab her attention, but nobody came. Nobody ever did. She didn't know why she kept hoping that would change, that her mechanical and robotic, unmotivated routine would finally have some sort of spice to it, something that would bring her energy levels up. It had been too long since the last time a situation like that came to be, springing from what had been little green buds to blossoming sunny flowers.

First, D'Angelo disappeared. Tabitha was sure that she saw him every now and then from time to time, but it wasn't like before, like when he would try to prod her into conversation or get her to try and interact or do something stupid. He must've been busy, preoccupied with something far more important if he wasn't doing so much as talking to the others in the dorm.

Jane was next. She seemed to be spending most of her time outside of their shared living spaces, doing who knows what the hell it was. Zombie girl or not, the brunette was constantly tossing her life out there, participating in all sorts of life-threatening and dangerous activities without so much as a care in the world. There wasn't anything to worry about, though. Jane knew how to take care of herself, and most of all, she couldn't die. No matter what ridiculous stunt she pulled, she would come back from it, practically unscathed. She was still the same energetic and overly peppy girl that Tabitha knew she was, though, like D'Angelo, she was no longer going out of her way to socialize or throw parties anymore.

And then Juliette disappeared too. Vanished without so much as a trace - no little message to reassure that she would be fine and that she hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. Unlike the other two, it wasn't that they stopped talking to each other, it was that Juliette couldn't be find anywhere. The office said something about her going on vacation with her cousin and brother and that she would be back eventually, but no other information was disclosed. They didn't even have an estimate on the date. Just that she was gone for some unknown duration of time.

Room 406 was quiet now. Too quiet.

Everything had reached a standstill.

No parties, no drinking, no smoking, none of that nonsense that had created secret uproars and gossip from every passing student in the hallway who wanted to attend the little get-togethers. None of that giant mess littered on the floor or having to tend to people with hangovers, making their breakfast, and making sure they were comfortable. No more of the earsplitting ruckus that made her question whether or not the prefects were actually doing their job or if the school staff was really going to let them get away with their rendezvous; Juliette certainly wasn't a prefect back when these fiestas were common, she was sure. All of it had given her a headache before, and Tabitha had done her best to evade the parties as much as she humanely could, whether it be Winter Formal or the little soiree they had. Leaving the dorm was common around these times, and she would use the passed verbal word as a cue to plan ahead and ditch before any of her roommates could forcibly keep her around. How anyone could be that social and not be drained from all of the planning and hard work they put into it afterwards, flopping onto the floor and deciding to give up some time later. But they never ever really stopped and went to great lengths to have the party go on...

... And she completely ignored all of that effort. Because it was a headache. Tabitha wouldn't deny that she had lingered around a few times outside, looking into windows to see what they were doing, and feeling a twinge of regret for not participating. Then she would brush it off because there was no point in talking to these people, so long as she wanted to get out of the school as soon as possible and focus on her studies, as terrible as it was to listen to the teachers' screechy voices. All of the noise and confetti was a mess that she had to pick up after the others, and as annoying as it was, it was something that she did get used to.

Though, it was always quiet now. Her mind had adjusted to those routines, all of the overblown fun and excitement that others had as she listened in for a bit, pretending to be someone cool and mature for not participating in it, that she had to focus on her future and to do everything she could so that it would all turn out okay at home. The rest of those things were nonsense, and even if her grades were the best, she was doing well enough and was shaping up to be a superb actor - thanks to her gift - that she could easily go into show business and make millions. But a back-up plan, just in case that didn't work out. There was't any time for any of those ridiculous things. Once she managed to get everything figured out, then maybe she could join in. She always figured that she had as much time in the world and that the parties would never vanish, but her opportunities to set things right at home would.

I'm so stupid.

Her arm dangled lifelessly off the edge of her bed, phone slipping out of her grasp until it plopped soundly onto the floor like a corpse shot from the distance. Live life in the movement or something, that's what they all said. Jane had constantly talked about how it was better to experience things while someone still could, and Juliette had always tried to coax her into joining the events - D'Angelo even tagged along for the ride when it came to Winter Formal and forcibly dragging her there. Tabitha had figured that the parties would always be the exact same thing each time with very minor differences, but she was bitter to find herself utterly mistaken.

How could she have been so stupid? Come back. She had done her best to push them away, shove as hard as she could to make sure they never bothered her again, try to pretend that she didn't acknowledge their presence, but... that was such a big mistake. Why couldn't she have realized that wasn't a healthy way to live? It wasn't the first time she screwed up like this either.

A long sigh.

Tabitha knew that she wasn't exactly the best person to hang out with, but they were all so patient with her. And she spat on it like it was dirt. Her attitude towards them probably wouldn't ever change, but at the very least, she should've done something to acknowledge that effort or give some sort of appreciation or anything that would make it seem like she cared a little bit.

Her eyes turned towards the door again, the big shadowy block at the edge of her compartment in the dorm numbered 406.

But as before...

Nobody came.


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Alone [solo;closed]
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