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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Third Time's the Charm l Open

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PostSubject: Third Time's the Charm l Open   Third Time's the Charm l Open EmptyMon Jun 20, 2016 10:08 pm

Isaac was tired. It was a long trip from his hometown to this new school he was apparently about to start. There had been two other times in the past that Isaac had moved schools. Both times had been unsuccessful for him and he wasn't looking forward to this third time. The first time he had been to school was when he had started, which didn't count as a move. He was friends with everyone because he made them happy and they loved how he smelled. Parents began to worry and soon the Eckley's moved. Isaac was confused that he had to start a new school but it wasn't that big of a deal to him. Making friends was fun.

But then things went crazy. No one wanted to hang out around Isaac. They went home and told their parents that he was weird and always smelled good and they saw good things around him. All their parents complained and called for something to be done about it. The Eckley's had no choice but to move again. This time it was to Japan, where Dunstan's company allowed him to be transferred. Japan was hard and confusing but people ignored him more than complained. After several years of peace Beata became an option and Isaac was moved there.

And Beata was where he stood currently, facing it's gates and looking into the courtyard. There were a few people bustling around just before the gates and further back. Isaac didn't really want to go in, he knew that it would be trouble if he tried to talk to people. Sure, he plugged up all possible holes so that this stupid gift didn't bug anyone around him, but he was still afraid they would think he was weird and shun him. Though wearing headphones and a medical mask probably looked weird to anyone outside of Japan.

Still, the new kid stepped through the gates, hands shoved deep into his pockets, eyes scanning his surroundings warily. His backpack which held his things was slung lazily over both of his shoulders. He had a beanie on his head which covered most of his brown and blonde hair but there were pointy tips sticking out of the bottom. The jacket he wore was clearly too big for him, as were the pants, but his shoes were the right size and hid under the hem of the pant legs. Shuffling into the gates he looked around, wondering where to go first. This place was already weird and he had just arrived.

Third Time's the Charm l Open T3FE3hn
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Third Time's the Charm l Open
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