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 A Song in the Sunrise

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PostSubject: A Song in the Sunrise   Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:05 am

Kynrea was up really early. And by really early, I mean like, the sun was just about to rise early. Like, really early. She was having trouble sleeping with the new change of dorms- she had just gotten accustomed to the initiate dorms! Regardless, she sat in the chorus section of the studios, flipping quietly through a notebook. The pages flicked against her fingers and were basically the only thing you could hear. She stopped at a few pages, looks of disgust or a nostalgia-induced smile crossing her face at every one. She stopped after a while, pulling an indigo-purple mechanical pencil from her jacket pocket and beginning to write in the notebook.

Sweet Lullaby

A sweet lullaby
carried on the breeze
A sweet lullaby
Replied with a plead
of mercy

A sweet lullaby
A deathly call
A sweet lullaby
An end to the sailor's song
of life

A sweet lullaby, a sweet lullaby
All it is is the siren's song
of death

A sweet lullaby
An antonym of life
A sweet lullaby
To put us in a trance
of anguish

A sweet lullaby
A sweet lullaby
A sweet lullaby, to carry us to hell
To carry us home, to carry us home

A sweet lullaby to carry us home

A sweet lullaby to carry us home.

Just after finishing with a small smile, she was surprised by the door suddenly opening. Who the hell is up this early other than me?

OOC: I really don't know where I was going with the song, I just.. I was bored and I had the name in my mind for some reason.

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A Song in the Sunrise
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