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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Sssh... It's a Secret!

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PostSssh... It's a Secret!

Keo Van Schwantz wrote:

A Surprise Party for Grey!

Hey everybody, my name is Keo!  I'm willing to bet I know absolutely none of you, mostly because my brother and I only just transferred here a month ago.  However, that doesn't mean I don't want to get to know you guys, and as a result, I would like to invite everybody (Yes, literally everybody.  Don't be shy; I'll be happy to accommodate you, no matter who you are!) to a surprise birthday party for my brother, Grey.  He just turned seventeen yesterday, on April 18th, and I was severely disappointed to discover that he literally spent the entire occasion cooped up in his own room sleeping like a rock and playing video games.  In light of such a tragic occurrence, I have taken it upon myself to force him out into the world so that he can at least play his games without being insufferably lonely.

The surprise party will take place in Dorm 409 this Friday; Grey usually comes home around 6:00 pm so come 15 to 30 minutes before then if you want to get in on the surprise!  Providing presents is not necessary, but any gifts are appreciated.  If you aren't sure what to bring, food and cat toys are your best options.  Pizza and non-alcoholic drinks will be available, but depending on how many people actually show up there may not be enough for all of you. Booze will be tolerated, but not provided; please drink responsibly if you do end up partaking in any questionable liquids.  If you are planning to attend, please feel welcome to bring your friends!  I want to get to know as many people as possible, as soon as possible, not matter who you are.

See all of you there!  I can't wait!

(PS: Yes, I know it seems a bit ludicrous to post an invite to a surprise party on Esper, but luckily Grey isn't really one for social media and I hid his phone as a fail- safe anyway.  If you happen to see a moody- looking dude wearing a black cat- ear hoodie anywhere on campus, don't tell him about the party!  Thanks a bunch!)

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Sssh... It's a Secret!

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