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 IvyLeaf's Characters

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PostSubject: IvyLeaf's Characters   Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:06 pm

Kasumi Matsuyama
House: Winter
Dorm: 109

Age: 13
Birthday: November 25, 2022
Theme: Mata Ashita

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Weight: 105 lbs
Skin Tone: Eastern
Race: Asian(Half Taiwanese half Japanese)
Height: 5'2"

Kasumi can best be described as shy, quiet, and honestly, rather nerdy. She doesn't speak with people if she can avoid it, and always tries to receive the least amount of attention possible. She can almost always be found wishing she could just disappear, especially in embarrassing situations. She finds it very hard to embrace change, and is easily spooked. Kasumi is very awkward socially, having never really interacted with other people around her age before coming to Beata. She was always that girl who no one seemed to know or remember who sat in a corner of the room and always got an answer right if the teacher called on her. Over time, her teachers came to see that she learned the class content just as well as the other students, and let her be. Kasumi's way of getting through life became staying inconspicuous, and not talking to anybody. Kasumi learns things very quickly, however, and is an excellent student. She is well-disciplined in most subjects, and spends most of her time reading. This leads to a very bad social life, though.

  • Reading
  • Doing things that involve a lot of thinking
  • Drawing and Writing, just about any art


  • Interacting with others
  • People who are nosy
  • People who automatically assume things

Mother: Yeqing Matsuyama
Father: Itsuki Matsuyama
Siblings: Hajime Matsuyama, Huiqing Matsuyama(None at school)
Friends: None
Role Model(s): None
Lover: None
Crush: None

Mist Physiology
Kasumi's gift is one that allows her to transform parts of herself or her whole self into mist, or water vapor. The vapor stays together in roughly the same shape as her body was before, and will reform in that shape if disturbed. So, if someone was to shoot an arrow towards her in this state, it would go right through her vapor body, it would pass right through without affecting her. Also, Kasumi's can thin out or thicken the mist, giving her a more solid appearance, or making her look nearly invisible. In this state, Kasumi's cannot talk or eat, though she moves as normal. The mist can be manipulated into different shapes according to her will.

The big flaw to this gift is temperature and amount of light. See, Kasumi's mist body isn't too much different from normal mist. It will fade away and evaporate in intense sunlight or heat, so fire and light is extremely dangerous for her. If she is in intense heat or light in this form, she will completely evaporate and disappear. Once in such a small, free-floating form, Kasumi's can no longer pull herself back together and become flesh again. This causes her gift to be almost like a curse to her at times.

Overall, Kasumi has led a pretty boring, plain life. Her mother had the gift of Water Physiology, and her father's great-great-grandfather had the ability to increase his body temperature at will. During her second birthday, her gift was discovered to be Mist Physiology, and quite by accident. Her mother had dropped the fork above Kasumi's head, and she had suddenly turned into water vapor, leaving two confused and panicking parents. From then on, while they lived in California at that time, her parents always made sure she went nowhere too hot, where she might just completely evaporate, and kept her away from even the tiniest of flames. After a few years, they moved to Oregon after Kasumi nearly evaporated during as extremely long and hot summer.

The while family lived in Oregon peacefully, with only the slight incident here and there. Kasumi had always been told to hide her gift around others, which had ended up changing her personality so she's always retreating inside herself. When she turned thirteen, her parents decided to sign up for this school, and after a few months, Kasumi got in and here she is now.
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IvyLeaf's Characters
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