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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Something Unexpected [Open]

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PostSubject: Something Unexpected [Open]   Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:25 pm

Why? After all these years? Why? What purpose did this fulfill? Destiny sat on a bench at the enterance of the school staring at the letter in her hands. When she had first gotten it she wasn't sure if she wanted to open it.. But it seemed the letter was directly address to her, there didn't seem to be a mistake in the writing.. That was surely her name... She had just gotten off the phone with her wonderful father... and it turns out this letter had some purpose behind it.. At least most likely anyway...

She stared at the crinkled envelope in her hand. It was slightly yellowed from days of sitting, and travel. In the middle was her name with the information of the school's address, and in the top corner.. was a name she hope she would never see.. Melody Kennway The name was written in a beautiful flowy writing. The address from which it came was somewhere in southern Mexico.. At least her father had that right.. and the culture..

She sat there starring at the name on the envelope switching between feelings of wanting to read it, and wanting to discard it. This woman was never in her life! This woman never cared until now! She probably only wanted something.. She never wanted anything to do with Destiny. "Ugh!" The spring prefect held her head in her hands as thoughts filled her mind as she weighed the pros and cons of reading this leader or not.. Why was this so difficult? Was it because she had a certain image of her mom, and didn't want it ruined by some greedy letter? Or was it the fact that she already knew that her mom was selfish and she just didn't want to confirm it?

She straightened herself out, and flipped the paper containing the letter over seeing if there were any other markings on it. When there were none she flipped it back to the front.. Staring at the way the hand writing was, staring at how there wasn't a mistake on it, and how this was certainly addressed to her. She carefully reached a single hand forward to undo the seal on the envelope but when she got a little ways through she questioned herself again. She placed the yellowed paper in her lap, and placed her head in her hands. Still unsure of what to do. This time she wished her father had told her what to do.. She wished she could discard it without a second thought... but she also wished that she could read it without any regrets... She sat there staring at the ground her red eyes a bit wide as she mauled over possibilities, letting out a frustrated noise in the process.

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PostSubject: Re: Something Unexpected [Open]   Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:10 pm

It's been a while since Aspen had roamed the roads to the school. She's been gone for a couple of months now, helping her father out with some buisness back at Europe. But Aspen was happy to be back! But being in Europe had caused lots of problems, she didn't know how things back at school were going. She didn't talk too to anyone here for months and also didn't really get a chance to say goodbye to anyone except for her dormmates, but Aspen was gone longer then expected. Walking back into the entrance of the school carrying a small grocery bag filled with some snacks for the night. Aspen had noticed a girl with white hair, she shouted quickly. "Hey Destiny!" The autumn had said cheerfully, it's been so long since Aspen talked to the prefect! they had to catch up. Although it seemed Aspens voice didn't get to her and the blonde had noticed a small letter in Destinys hands. Thinking thoughtfully the blonde approached Destiny giving her a small wave again. Noticing that the letter she held had been bugging her. "Everything okay Destiny?" Aspen had curiously.
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Something Unexpected [Open]
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