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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 The Man of Many Faces [ Open ]

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PostSubject: The Man of Many Faces [ Open ]   Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:13 pm

Steffon was pleasantly surprised to find that the academy's library was just as large as the catalogues had boasted.

It had been a long trip from the young man's home in Denmark to his destination in North Dakota. From his home to the airport had been a three hour drive, from Denmark to Washington airport had been a ten hour flight, and after a night spent at a local hotel, Steffon had spent the entirety of his first day in the United States driving to Beata Academy, rather eager to find out what lay at the end of his long journey.

When he'd finally arrived after a rather lengthy drive, he'd make a quick stop at the office to officially sign himself in, tucked his belongings away in the Initiate Dormitory, and set off in search of the library.

He paced steadily through the seemingly endless aisles of literature, occasionally running his fingers along the rows of multicoloured books as he went. Steffon had always been a bit of a history and literature nut, so what better way to get used to the new country he was in by reading english written works?

Eventually, the platinum blonde initiate found his way over to the history section, and began leafing through various random books. World leaders, war heroes, civil rights activists, music artists, scientists, doctors, engineers..

Another habit Steffon had picked up, accompanied by his love for history, was impersonating historical figures. That meant a lot more than simply imitating their voices and demeanour, however. His lips quirked up in a faint grin.

Ooh, here was someone he’d never stolen the face of before. In the blink of an eye, Steffon’s pale white skin transformed into a dark brown shade. His long, silvery locks disappeared in favour of short, black hair.

Steffon ran one hand over the lapel of the coat that had come with the transformation. Martin Luther King Jr. Hm. Let’s try another.

He tucked the book he’d been reading away and began his route slowly down the aisle again, and reached out to select a book out of the world history section. He flipped to a random page and a second later, he bore light skin once more, only this time, was garbed in draping white-and-blue robes and tightly-woven leather sandals. Emperor Hadrian. Steffon quickly found that his outfit was easy to trip on, so he tossed the book aside and combed his fingers through the thick chocolate curls atop his head, thinking. His eyes trailed up the wall on the far end of the library until he came upon a great idea--Oh, this would be better than any historical figure. Mounted above the book shelves in an ornate brass frame was an image of none other than Nathaniel Wright, headmaster of Beata.

Maybe this was going a little too far for his first day, but it would be pretty amusing to view someone’s reaction to seeing the “the headmaster” sitting by himself in the library, playing Candy Crush on his iPhone. As swiftly as he rounded a corner, Steffon had stolen the face of the headmaster. He strolled over to the studying area next and took a seat at the head of an unoccupied table. Steffon crossed one leg over the other and pulled out his phone. Now, he just had to wait.
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The Man of Many Faces [ Open ]
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