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 Ella's Character Pages

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PostSubject: Ella's Character Pages   Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:47 pm

   Keo Van Schwantz

   General Information

   Date of Birth: June 14, 2020

   Home Location: An island in the Pacific that is owned by the US

   Age: 16

   Height: 5'5"

   Weight:120 lbs

   Hair Color: Brown, with brownish- red highlights

   Eye Color: Golden brown

   Personality: Keo has a bright and quirky personality, constantly thinking about and/or trying out new and weird things.  She is also fairly intelligent, though this often comes as a surprise to people who do not know her very well.  Keo loves to draw, read, write, and explore, and while she tends not to break rules, she isn't against bending them as much as possible.

For the most part, Keo is a free spirit.  Though she enjoys companionship, she definitely doesn't need it to have a good time, and she rarely approaches people to hang out with her for fun.  When she does approach somebody, it's usually because she has come up with an idea that she can't expand on without their assistance.  When Keo is alone, however, she often thinks about the people she's interacted with, replaying their actions in her mind and attempting to understand what caused them to do those actions.  As a result, she can read people's emotions fairly easily, and often understands people a lot better than she lets on.

Unfortunately, Keo is definitely not one for formalities.  She does show some respect for her superiors, but for the most part she treats everybody she knows the same way: as a friend.  If somebody proves themselves to be an enemy, she'll just avoid them rather than confront them about their differences; however, it is her enemies that she analyzes most of all.  If conflict is forcefully generated between herself and somebody she doesn't like, she will often know more about that person than that person knows about her.  Whether or not she can utilize that knowledge to her advantage is another story entirely.

Though Keo can be kind, she is also undeniably selfish.  If she can get away with it, she won't hesitate to do it if it brings about some form of personal gain.  The one thing she will never disrupt, however, is relationships of any kind.

   Gift: Reality Drawing: Keo is able to bring whatever she draws and/or paints into the real world, so long as she replaces it with something of equal mass and value.  There is not a limit for the amount of things she can create, but there are a series of rules and regulations that come with her power to limit it.  At Beata Academy, she hopes to learn ways to bend these regulations and expand on her abilities.
- In order to create something living, something living must be sacrificed.
- The thing she creates must be something that can plausibly exist in the real world; i.e, the technology needed to make her creation must have already been invented.
- The objects she creates must be concrete; she cannot bring abstract ideas into physical existence.
- If the object she uses to bring her creation into existence does not maintain the same properties as what she created (if its value is not equal), it is possible that this may affect her creation's ability to perform; an iron block born from dirt will be a lot more fragile than an iron block born from wood and is more likely to break under pressure.

   Weapon: A pencil and sketchbook.  She doesn't really need anything else because she can create any weapon she needs.


   Keo was adopted at four years old by a gay couple.  At the time of her adoption, the couple was not married, and they had not planned to take in a child; Brynn was eighteen at the time and Anthony was twenty- one.  After she turned seven, the couple married.

Keo was discovered by Anthony one day in a small fishing boat next to her injured and dying mother.  He took both of them to Brynn's house, as Brynn was studying to become a doctor at the time and might be able to help them.  They managed to keep the mother alive for five days before she died, but during that time she made them promise to take care of her daughter.  She also gave Keo a large pendant whose jewel changed color with the wearer's emotions.  A few days after her mother's death, the couple realized that the young girl they had taken in was capable of bringing her drawings into existence.  They elected to keep this a secret for as long as possible while they tried to figure out where the girl had come from and if there was anybody out there who could help her control her strange ability (Brynn and Anthony were both regular people without powers).

When Keo was about ten years old, she found an abandoned kitten in the woods.  Taking pity on the little thing, she brought it home and nursed to health as her parents had done for her so long ago, only to discover that, like her, the cat was not what he had seemed.  Poio, as she had named him, was another child with ability, who had been banished from his family upon the culmination of his power (It was tradition within his family to release their young into the wild upon the formation of their abilities in order to teach them independence).  The boy's name was Grey Blacker, and through him Keo and her parents learned about the secret society of gifted people that spanned the globe.  Brynn and Anthony adopted Grey, as well, and in return the boy taught Keo a few things about the world she had been born into.  When she turned fifteen, Grey mentioned Beata Academy, one of the only places in which gifted individuals could come together and display their abilities openly.  Hoping to uncover somebody from her distant past, Keo finally convinced her parents to allow her and Grey to attend.  

   Mother: Brynn Van Schwantz (Though male, he has the most mothering personality out of her two fathers.)

   Father: Anthony Van Schwantz

   Siblings: Grey (Poio) Blacker

   Acquaintances: Connor, Edward

   Friends: Grey (Poio) Blacker

   Enemies: None (so far)

   Love Interests? None (so far)

   Strengths: She is very good at reading people, and is a whiz at art and literature.

   Flaws: She hates science, even though it plays a surprisingly large role in allowing her ability to work.  Her loud, jubilant, and sometimes disruptive personality can be found annoying in some circles.

   Favorite Color: Anything that is bright and blinding, though her go-to colors are highlighter pink and highlighter yellow.

   Favorite Animal: Cat

   Favorite Food: Anything with carbs and/or a ridiculous amount of calories

   Hobbies: Drawing, writing, setting up drawing traps for unsuspecting passerby

   Fears:  Never learning where she came from

   Allergies: None

   Quirks: She wears roller blades everywhere, wears two pigtails, has a giant backpack riddled with a multitude of key chains, and wears a paint- splattered lab coat around her waist.

   Pet Peeves: None

   Birthmarks/Scars: She has one long scar cutting diagonally across her back; Brynn tended to the wound when she was found.  She also has a birthmark in the shape of an eye on the middle- left side of her chest.

   Habits: Rocks back and forth when considering something; rolls around in giddy delight on the floor whenever she has a thought she really likes.

   Moods: All of her moods are heavily exaggerated and easily interpretable due to her mother's necklace.
   Accessories:Her mother's mood pendant and a multitude of paper bracelets about her wrists

  ╟Keo Van SchwantzGrey "Poio" Blacker

Drawing Reality╢                 ╟Feline Shifting

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Ella's Character Pages
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