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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]

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PostSubject: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:53 am

The school was definitely ready for the holiday, about as much as a highschool could be ready, anyways. There were rose bushes galore, and lovely blossoms that sprinkled the school grounds in beautiful shades of white, red, and pink. All the hallways were fluttered with paper hearts cut out and taped onto the walls, each heart with the name of a student scribbled onto each. Candy and candy wrappers were scattered here and there in various places along campus.

But in that classroom, as many students sat together, droning through a dull mathematics class that seemed... Way too normal...

That was, until the teacher paused in the middle of his lecture at the sound of a simple knock of the door. He seemingly held back a sigh, going to the seat on his desk and calling "come in!".

At once, a party of volunteer students rushed in at once, carrying letters and gifts of all sorts!

"Happy Valentine's Day!!"

Quickly, and maybe in a bit too flustered manner, the students run around - passing each valentine to it's recipient.
Who knows? Maybe your character got one too!

(Remember, only your character can see their own though. No peeking everybody else! c; )

TO; Erin Gallagher:

TO; Michelle Rivers:

TO; Brailynn Moore:

TO; Maita Kotori:

TO; Cayden Hawke:

TO; Arbor Banks:

TO; Sophia Nohr:

TO; Barry Jackson:

TO; Leo Herman:

TO; Kayla Croft:

TO; Stephanie Hawke:

TO; Jane Grey:

TO; Keirsta Chree:

TO; Madison Morse:

TO; Tabitha Weiss:

TO; Pepper Ashina:

TO; Grace Crowe:

Feel free to roleplay out your characters reaction in this topic below ~ !!
And have a lovely day. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:06 am

Michelle didn't mind math - in fact she rather liked it. She had a head for math, and found it simple enough. When the knock rang though the classroom and the teacher invited the mass of students in, she frowned slightly. Right in the middle of a lesson, drat. However, her frown got deeper when they shouted 'Happy Valentine Day.' She never had much fondness for the holiday - no one special in her life after all. So, she simply didn't care for the holiday and never paid attention to when it happened each her. But it seemed she was not of that luck here at Beata.

The next thing she knew thought, was one of the students handing her a piece of paper. She easily accepted it as she stared down at it, wondering its purpose. She noted that not everybody was getting one, and it took her a few moments to realizing what it truly was. She got a telegram? The moment Michelle realized what had been put into her hand, a sharp blush flashed onto her face as her hands tightened around the piece of paper causing it to crumble slightly. She sighed as she steadied herself, taking in a deep breath as she started to read what was inscribed on it.

...Oh. She blinked, relieved that it didn't seem romantic in anyway - just Jake wanting to hang out more. That was good, if it was romantic...She shivered slightly, she wasn't ready for a relationship of that type anytime soon. As more of the telegrams were handed out, she blinked when she realized that there was another note. Her eyes scanned that, before the only noise that left her mouth was the sound of a laugh trying to be withheld. Really? Did he think that she truly cared for hacking into the school's security system? She may have found it interesting that he had manged to do so, it didn't mean she wanted to be apart of it. Besides. She turned the piece of paper around, noting the lack of the code. She wasn't surprised, nor did she care for the lack of it. It wasn't on her list to get into the school's security system - she had more sense then that. She folded the two telegrams up, stuffing them into her pocket as she wore a large smile on her face, waiting for class to resume. At least the telegram was interesting.


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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:03 am

Math was pretty bland, if Pepper was to ever give her two cents to someone. But, she never complained because she had to take the class, even if she would't ever need it. She gave a sigh, turning her head to watch the clock. The girl glanced around at her classmates and she could tell each one of them was about to burst with anticipation of what was yet to come. Oh! It's Valentines Day! She suddenly remembered today was the day. It totally slipped my mind. She usually only ever got valentines from her step brothers ad wondered how this year would be different.

Class was soon interrupted by people coming in with valentines and gifts. Pepper smiled and sat back in her chair, looking at the assortment of gifts. A giant teddy bear, candles, flowers, candy, etc. She was a bit surprised to see someone come to her with a valentine and a wreath but smiled on, giving a curt thank you to the volunteer before she was left to read her note. Opening it read "Love was just a word before you showed it to me. My heart is and always will be yours." From: ???. Pepper sat there for a bit wondering who it could've been, the only person that came to her mind was Cayden. Well, who ever it was it made her day. Giving a small giggle she picked up the wreath, looking at what was wrapped around it. It was as beautiful as it smelt wonderful.


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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:32 am

Barry had been staring at his desk, not paying attention. It was amazing he actually got out of bed, let alone go to class. In fact, his dorm mate, Aspen, had forced him to go to class. When he heard the teacher tell whoever knocked to come in, his dull green eyes glanced up and he noticed all the Valentine's stuff. He sighed and looked back down. He was surprised when something was dropped on his desk. The package that he received was fairly small and before he opened it he read the note that was attached. Immediately tears began forming in his eyes as he slowly read through the note. When he noticed the name, he audibly sobbed. He didn't want to open the package, but he did anyway. When he pulled out a red beanie, he didn't know what to do. Instead of staying and waiting for class to continue, he got up and left the room in tears, heading to his dorm. He didn't want to deal with today. Or any day anymore, really.

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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:32 am

Sophia wasn't paying attention to the math lesson. Instead she was thinking about some drawing ideas. She managed to forget her sketch pad in the art class room and didn't have time to get it before this class started. She hoped that she could get it after this class, it would make her happy if she could. Instead she was stuck doing small doodles in her notes, trying not to obscure the information that she often scribbled down in a hurry.

She was taken away from her dazed state as soon as the knock on the door came. She was going to ignore it think some other student needed something from the teacher, but a smile grew on her face as soon as she saw they were handing out telegrams. She didn't expect to get one, but at the same time she did, and soon enough she did get on.

She blinked at what she saw. A new drawing pad, charcoal pencils, and some white daisys. Who could this be from? A few people came to mind. She took the note, and opened it reading it silently in her mind. A smile grew on her face as she read the small note. Ah Preston. That boy was wonderful. She was going to have to repay him later, or do something for him as a thank you. And maybe she would draw him something pretty. He earned it didn't he? She didn't even bother to pay attention to the others around her, she quickly opened her knew drawing book, and used her new pencils to start drawing something for the boy.

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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:29 am

"Ugh..." Erin groaned as she dropped her head on the desk, her forehead hitting it with a loud thud. Maths came pretty easy to her so having to sit here and listen to the lectures over and over again about the same things was boring. She was thankful she was able to find a seat in the back of the classroom when she first arrived. It didn't help that she had learned these same equations at least a year ago back in Ireland. Man, she remembered hearing about the States being not the best at education but this was a little ridiculous. After sitting there with her face in her desk for what felt like ages, she looked up when the knocks on the door echoed through the classroom. That was unusual.

Then the students poured into the room, cheering about Valentine's Day and handing out slips of paper and several different items that went along with them. The redhead looked around quizzically, trying to figure out what was so special about this one day in particular that everyone wanted to send big stuffed animals and a bunch of flowers. She figured that if someone was actually that special, wouldn't they try to send said gifts any other day of the year? Dedicating one day to 'unending' love seemed a little oxymoronic.

However, her mood suddenly changed when one of the students came by her desk and dropped a small note with a package of tea attached to it. It was simple but cute and Erin's face lit up like a Christmas tree. She opened the little telegram and giggled at the words written inside. There was no name on it but that didn't matter. She knew who it was from. "Definitely!" she chimed to herself as she closed the note and stuffed the gift into her pocket. She was just about to go right back to doing absolutely nothing when another student dropped off another telegram, but this one was attached to a rose. Blushing at the sight and ultimately surprised, Erin picked it up gently in her hands and opened the note. As she read it, another smile appeared on her face before she suddenly became flustered at the final words calling this a 'love letter.' Surely Louis couldn't love her after hanging out once, could he? That wasn't how that was supposed to work. They were just having a good time. She didn't even know anything about the guy other than he liked games which was awesome. Overall, though, the gesture was cute.

Handling the rose carefully, she took the note off of it and placed it in the side pocket of her bag. She didn't want to ruin it and couldn't wait to get back to her room and place it in some water. It would definitely liven up the white blank space.


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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:33 pm

Math was always one of her better subjects. There was no guessing to it. It was straight forward. Each problem had an answer that was set in stone. Sure, it could be difficult at times, but at the end of the day, there was no need to second guess yourself afterwords. Like in other subjects. Like in real like. Like with real people.

Brailynn was seemingly bored through the class all the same, tapping her pencil repeatedly on the desk. Her mind was completely elsewhere. It was Valentine's day. Normally, she tried not to pay any mind to it. For a few years, she'd jokingly had only referred to it to as "National Singles Awareness Day". Of course, even as she'd tried to say she had no interest in love the past few years, it was never that simple. She'd found herself disappointed on the Love Day all the same.

But this time, things seemed different. The blonde told herself that she wasn't going to get her hopes up, but maybe, just maybe, she'd get to hear from him before the day was done? They didn't talk as much anymore, since she was still in school and he was in a Guardian in Rosebury, but he wouldn't have forgotten about her... Right? She chewed at her lip, thinking back to the winter formal... And that evening in the Conservatory. The Spring had to fight back a smile. Butterflies were going crazy in her stomach at the mere memory.

She tried her best not to get her hopes up. It wasn't working.

As if on cue, the Valentine's parade burst through the classroom doors, rushing in with pretty letters and flowers and gifts. Brailynn found herself sitting up straight immediately, holding her breath as the telegrams were delivered throughout the room. Before she knew it, she had one on her desk as well. A large heart shape box. If she picked it up and shook it, there was a soft rattle inside. Chocolates. They had to be.

She found herself grinning as she turned her attention towards the small note, reading the message inside. It was from exactly whom she'd thought it was, with his name signed sweetly at the bottom. (Although she'd be able to tell whom it was from with the stupid, cheesy poem alone.) For a moment, she had to hide her face in her hands, feeling her cheeks turn a warm red. This was just so nice... and thoughtful... and cute! She couldn't handle it!

Lynn would definitely have to pay him a visit and say thank you later.
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PostSubject: Re: Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]   Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:46 am

She hated this holiday.

There wasn't any way around it. Every February, this school drowned itself in pink. Streamers, hearts, flowers, the whole works. It made her sick just walking through the hallways lately, and the upturn in lovey-dovey couples had almost made her lose her lunch a few times in the last few weeks. Couldn't people get a room? Things were even worse in town. The only way to dodge around it was to lock herself in her room and bury her face in her pillow, but considering that felt like admitting defeat. What the hell was the point of celebrating it if they didn't even get classes off?

A flock of volunteers flooded through the door, passing out notes and flowers and paper hearts, and Kayla leaned back in her chair, groaning. Sparks flit across the brim of her cap.

She almost choked on her own sigh when two slips of paper plopped down on her desk. "What the f—...?" Kayla sat up straight and snatched up the note, narrowing her eyes.

"Free food isn't that bad after all."

Electricity twined through her fingers, and the note burst into flames. Kayla tossed it to the side, watching it scatter into cinders before it hit the floor. There wasn't a name, but it didn't take a detective to work out who was behind it. That idiot. What happened to not wanting to be seen with her in a restaurant again after what happened last year? She caught the coupon out the corner of her eye.

Couples only...?

What a waste...

She loved this holiday.

The atmosphere, the cheesy love notes, the buzz and heightened tension... Just walking through the hallways, flanked by couples and paper hearts, the anticipation for today was palpable. As it turned out, she didn't exactly have a date today, but that could be arranged. All it took was picking out the first guy or gal who caught her eye. At worst, she could drag a friend out to the arcade. Not exactly a romantic evening, but she never was very sentimental over things like this.

Would Jules be open, or would she be spending today with D'Angelo or some other guy? Jane tapped at her desk, sighing, scratching off names on her mental checklist one by one. Huh. Maybe she should've asked someone out beforehand after all. She frowned, but it disappeared when the volunteers burst in to interrupt the lecture.

Telegrams. She'd almost forgotten. Jane shot a sly glance to Tabitha, giving a few exaggerated winks (;DDDDDDDD), when her own delivery arrived. The bear fell across her desk with a note tucked into a ribbon around its neck. It's huge... She grabbed at the note and flipped it open. Jake? It'd been so long since she last heard from him, she'd been starting to think she'd accidentally driven him off after the whole Formal fiasco. A thin smile spread across her face. She wouldn't mind making up lost time tonight at all.

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Telegrams ~ !! [Site Event]
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