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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Trying New Things

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PostSubject: Re: Trying New Things   Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:00 pm

For a few brief moments, she was a little uncertain as to whether he would listen to her or not. Too direct? There were a lot of problems with people telling her that she was way too blunt and should learn to sugarcoat a bit to avoid plunging a knife into someone's heart, and more often than not, it was them giving her that "look" - the one to cut it out and be "nice". It was rather faint, but it's happened multiple times: whether with D'Angelo or Owen or Hieta or even Madison herself. Admittedly, she did have to learn to keep her mouth shut at times unless there was a need to have a repeat situation that probably shouldn't happen again. Cat-like eyes eyed Owen curiously and Nicola was beginning to think she would need to slap him to get him to snap out of it whatever trance he was in. Her hand had raised itself and immediately dropped back down.

Finally, he had calmed down. Definitely didn't look as tense as before and at least he had a bit of a grin instead of spending his time mulling around about something that didn't need to have much thinking.

Readjusting her cap, Nicola returned the nod in an almost tired manner. "Welcome back to Earth." The trip from the spot they were at in the middle of the hallway back towards her dorm was short and didn't take too much time; somehow, she was slightly surprised that a prefect hadn't walked back and caught them since it was so late at night with curfew already passed. They were technically breaking more than a few rules, but what's life without a tiny bit of risk? It wasn't like this was the first time they went around and did stupid things anyway, just the three of them. Or sort of the three of them. Nicola would've figured that she would've hated Owen by now, but hey, he wasn't such a bad guy for someone with holy-elemental powers. Maybe she hung out with darker gifted too much. Demons, necromancers, ghosts, fire-breathers... A lot of it connoted with hell or the underworld or something.

It was a rather quiet and quaint walk back. By the time they got back there, the door was still hanging slightly open and through the creak, she could see Madison on the sofa with Lulu pawing at the girl. Beckoning Owen inside, she promptly closed the door once it was clear she wouldn't slam it on his foot or hand or anything and closed the distance between her and Madison. They were out for long enough that she had fallen asleep. Wonderful. The peaceful calm resting on her face and just that sort of touch of innocence made it hard to decide whether she should let the girl sleep here or whether to get her to leave in some way. She was going to have a hangover by morning and Nicola would rather not have to deal with that. She could always force Owen to stay for the night or one of them could visit Madison in the morning or something.

With a tiny sigh, Nicola plopped back onto the couch and her kitten curled himself onto her lap. Glancing back up to the only boy in the room to Madison and back, her fingers carefully stroked on soft fur and her eyes closed to think. Would it be better to keep Madison here or have her out? Weighing the pros and cons, either way would work fine and there wasn't any real better option in this situation; impulse wasn't doing its job and telling her heart what she should do.

"Whaddya think we should do with her?" The question was more asked towards herself if anything, as though she needed to hear the words out loud in order to process the situation better. There was the case that, if they left her here, then she and Owen would have to move to a different part of the dorm since it probably wasn't something Owen would want Madison to hear if she were to wake up mid-conversation. Leaving her unattended wasn't the greatest thing ever, but it wasn't like Madison had died while they were away for those couple something minutes. Bringing her back to her dorm seemed like a safe option and she'd probably be a lot more comfortable there than on the couch, unless Nicola gave up her bed.

Too many choices her mind was trying to formulate and drown her under. Getting his input would be ideal at this point and from there, they could make a decent decision at least. This question shouldn't be as frustrating as she was making it.


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PostSubject: Re: Trying New Things   Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:00 pm

Owen followed Nicola back to her dorm. Madison was on the sofa now, fast asleep, Nicola's cat near her. She looked rather peaceful, he thought, lying there. She also looked at home. Frazzled, the boy pushed his feelings aside and stood several feet from the couch, studying the girl and occasionally glancing at Nicola as she sat, her cat crawling into her lap almost immediately.

Moving her back to her dorm would be for the best, he knew. But at the same time, it was much too late for them to be out, and it was a miracle they hadn't been caught yet. It might simply be safer for Madison to stay here until morning and for Owen to sneak back to his own dorm, leaving the two girls alone again... There was nothing going on between them, he reminded himself. Madison was drunk and Nicola had insisted it didn't mean anything. At least, that's how he had interpreted it. How he wanted to interpret it. The blond bit his bottom lip and tugged on the strings of his sweatshirt as he considered the options.

"She should probably go back to her dorm," he said, his voice low so as not to disturb Madison. The girl seemed to be out for the night. He'd seen his friends pass out after drinking a lot and it would've taken a building collapsing around them to wake them up. She may have been different, however. "But it's getting late." Indecision.

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Trying New Things
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