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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 A Swirling Light of Energy [OPEN to anyone]

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PostSubject: A Swirling Light of Energy [OPEN to anyone]   Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:26 pm

Lilka walked, straying around the school. She was still waiting for the results of her test, despite it being already two days. Then again, she was quite impatient and would rather be a free spirit. It's not really her fault. Lilka's just that way: Curiosity and fun often fills her mind.

As she walked around, she noticed something shining at the edge of her vision. Walking over to what she saw, it started to shine brighter until she saw a swirling light. Touching it, she felt a surge of energy go through her body. Then, everything turned black and white, no breeze was felt - nothing was moving... Except her. However, she was black and white, except her... And her eyes seemed to be enchanted, one was a glowing blue, a very glowy wing coming out of it. The other eyes was red and wasn't glowing.

Sighing she walked around the school again, but it didn't look like the school... It looked like a big maze! "What in the world?!" Lilka said, frightened for a moment. Walking around, she thought, 'There's bound to be somebody who isn't frozen here!' she thought.

What kind of mess did she get into? Walking on crazy stairs and surprisingly, this place defied gravity. 'Where's that stupid swirl again?!' Lilka thought, as she saw it and trying to touch it, it moved away. Letting out an annoyed retort, she ran after it, but ran into someone she didn't recognize.


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A Swirling Light of Energy [OPEN to anyone]
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