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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 An Unexpected Invitation [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: An Unexpected Invitation [CLOSED]   Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:00 am

One of the best and worst perks of Harvey's abilities? Having a dog's joy.

Although his consciousness overwhelmed his dog's, the natural instincts for the puppy still stuck in his mind. Food? Yes please. Treat? Oh god yes. Belly rubs? He couldn't even get started on how good it felt.

Sitting inside, his foot hanging off the edge of his bed and a burning laptop on his lap. He glanced over at the small mini-fridge in the dorm, his stomach gurgling and his mouth watering. There was a tasty plate of meatloaf sitting on the top shelf, waiting for the red-head. He glanced down at the computer, too comfortable and enticed in his show to move even an inch. He heard a snore from across the room and his purple gaze shifted to see the sleeping dachshund. A smirk appeared on his face, and in that instant, he was gone. Only a pile of clothes was left, flat but in the same position as Harvey once sat.

The laptop crashed onto the bed, bouncing slightly and dropping onto the ground. John's ear perked up and he jumped to his paws, rushing over tot he laptop. He gave it a quick sniff and look over. Thankfully, it was fine. And his show had paused in the process. Good.

John padded over to the fridge, opening it skillfully with his maw. He pulled out the cold plate, the strong smell of meat wafting into his nose. The dog was about to chow down, when the sound of shifting snow and a loud thud drew his attention away from the food. A large pile of snow had slipped off the initiate dorm's roof, landing directly in front of his window. The room grew dark, and John Candy was left alone. He sighed, and attempted to jump for the light. Sadly, he was too fat in this state, but too comfortable in his warm coat of fur to leave just yet. Shaking his fur, he prodded the unlocked door open and went outside into the cold.

His paws stung slightly, but he walked around to the window despite the cold. The window was covered, there was no way of clearing it without leaving his small body. A growl escaped his lips. He would need to go inside lest he... Turning back to the entrance, he intended to quickly clean up this mess, but his brown eyes caught sight of something marvelous. Oh no...

His short legs quickly brought him to the Courtyard and threw him into one of the large snow piles. He couldn't help but laugh inside, enjoying the soft and chilling sensation. He rolled around, his tongue lopping out and snowflakes clinging to his fur. He barked out angrily, only to realize no one would understand him. Fucking dogs and wanting to roll in everything, he hissed to himself. He flopped down, covering his eyes with his paws and letting out a small whine.

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PostSubject: Re: An Unexpected Invitation [CLOSED]   Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:59 pm

At first it was great. A white Christmas, snow everywhere, the rush of cold, and the thick winter clothes. It was beautiful and he never wanted it to end. Two months in, however, his opinion on winter was drastically different. It was like a fog had settled over his life, without sunlight and clear blue skies, the winter was feeling rather down and restless. No amount of treadmill jogging matched running freely under the sun, wind on your face, and grass brushing against your ankles.

Jonathan Kent was more than ready for Winter to end.

In his bout of gloominess, he wandered the school aimlessly for what seemed hours. Which was where he came across something amazing. It was a dog, a sausage dog. He couldn't remember, for the life of him, what the breed was officially, but it was adorable. Floppy ears, rotund body, and short stubby legs. The dog was built to be loved and pampered by it's human master. He was surprised to find it alone in the cold.

"Hey there little guy." Jonathan called out, approaching it and squatting so he wasn't towering over the poor thing. He knew better than to touch a random dog in America, he'd been warned by his father about the dangers of rabies, and his travel brochure from Australia had warned with rather frighting images. He'd stay his hand, for now.


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An Unexpected Invitation [CLOSED]
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