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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 A New Place, A New Start

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PostSubject: A New Place, A New Start   Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:40 pm

Julian sighed as he watched the clouds roll by beside him, He was tired form a long flight form Amsterdam to New York. Now he was on a Helicopter on his way to a new school which would, as his parents put it, "Help him develop his special gift,". He was a little afraid of moving from home, he lived in a nice mansion, and had plenty of friends he was comfortable there, it was Home. now he has to move to another country and try to make new friends, a skill he doesn't  particularly excel in, "It's gonna be hard" he thought. " We're here," yelled the pilot, snapping Julian out of his thoughts. He looked down to see this large beautiful school, built much like his place back home. He was given a parachute by the co-pilot, and was told he was going to have to jump, not that there wasn't enough room the land, but his parents though he would look cooler jumping out of a helicopter on his first day. Julian grunted his tanks to the co-pilot and prepared to jump, he hated skydiving. As he leaped out he opened his parachute and began his decline to the land below. Just about halfway down he was suddenly pushed in a different direction, not knowing why he was now floating towards the fountain in the center of the entry grounds. He started panicking not able to control his decent, he was aimed right for the top of the fountain,and would probably run straight into it. Just before he hit the fountain his power activated phasing through the top of it, but simultaneously phasing himself through his parachute and sending him plummeting into the waters. "Oh Fuck Me," he said to himself, hearing another splash behind him he turned around to see his luggage, which was pushed out after him, fell into the pond as well soaking all his clothing. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Why Me,"?!? he exclaimed. Getting up to get out of the fountain, he slipped on the edge and fell straight on the brick pathway, face-first. Hearing footsteps coming toward him he looked forward to see two legs of someone directly in front of him, hopefully not laughing at his embarrassing fall...

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PostSubject: Re: A New Place, A New Start   Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:50 pm

It was another day at Beata for Sarai. With the sun shining and and the birds chirping her spirit was high as it usually is. Although this was not the first week she was at Beata Sarai was still not accustomed to living at Beata. On a stroll around the front entrance her gift had activated suddenly showing her a vision of someone falling. Her natural caring instinct kicked in as she had tried to see where this person was. She had released a sigh of relief when she had seen the person use a parachute. She had seen the person land in the fountain which was the same one in the entrance. Realizing how close this person was she closed her gift and headed to the fountain. She had gotten there fast enough to see someone fall on their face after trying to get out of the fountain. With a smile on her face, a friendly one she had approached the person and had lent out her hand. 'Here let me help"

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A New Place, A New Start
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