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 Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}   Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:45 pm

Leo's head shot up at Keirsta's voice. She got the wax paper! With a slam of the drawer he had been looking in, Leo pratically leaped over to her. Hastily, he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "You're the best~" Leo gratefully took the bag with a grin. With a quick movement, he picked up the Tupperware containers and moved over to the table. He had intended to begin to put away the done cookies to make room for more, but froze when Sydney spoke. Did she not know the colors? Maybe she was color blind.

Setting down the supplies, Leo made his way over to her seat. Intent on helping her out. "So," He began, reaching out to point to every icing as he named the colors. "There's the normal white, some red, green, blue, purple, pink..." He trailed off with a thoughtful look on his face. "Let me know if you think we need a diffrent color. Keirsta got some plain white frosting. I think I have some food coloring left over we could make some colors." With that, Leo turned back to the finished cookies.

Four layers of cookies. Three per layer. Each container would have 12 cookies. One container for each dorm. Quite the task he did not expect to take, yet did. Unfortunately for Maria, Leo had heard her comment, and found it a bit rude. Not just towards Keirsta, but to himself as well. Maybe it would have been better for Maria to say that were Leo would not have heard. Instead of saying it right in front of his face. The initiate was lucky that Keirsta was being very polite about it. A frown crossed his face, as he watched their exchange.


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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}   Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:40 pm

Sydney looked up to see one of the bigger light blobs point at the bowls, stating what colors they were. It was hard to look at him. The light was uncomfortably bright and it hurt her eyes having him in her peripheral vision.What in hell's going on in him? A question saved for another day. "Thank'ou," she said before he went to the finished cookies.

With an ear for the conversation behind her, the new student couldn't help but frown as she carefully dressed her cookie with the white frosting. What was the point in irritating another student? Just for kicks?

gonna get new pictures soon! yay!
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}   Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:27 pm

Maria stood there listening to Keirsta. "Ya, that's me." She said, keeping her eyes on the prefect but wiping her hands on her apron. Guess I'll save the fun for later, don't want to ruin the holiday mood. She smiled a fake smile and turned back to the cookies, standing on the other side of Jake. She soon was back to work

Jake looked as Maria surprised she said that. He shrugged it off though. Girls. Always causing trouble. "Yo Leo. Got anything else I can do besides decorate? Not complaining or anything." He gave a "help me" smiled towards his dorm mate.

Pepper still hard at work, finished decorating a dozen or so cookies. She heard what Maria said and was somewhat surprised. Even I wouldn't say something like that. She finished putting a layer of pink sprinkles on a Christmas tree cookie. Then, she added a few larger sprinkles, so it had ornaments. She started to fell more festive and happy, forgetting about Keirsta and everyone else there until the prefect talked to her. Having surprised her, Pepper jumped and messed up the cookie. Instant dread filled her. She wants to talk to me?! Probably going to give me a lecture. Pepper thought. She saw Keirsta's hand, but her hands were kinda covered in sprinkles. "Uh, ya?" She timidly, wishing she was a turtle.


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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}   Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:00 pm

Sean made a cheesy smile towards Jake, "Yup, spent all morning picking this thing out" The blond made his way to his room and hung the suit in his closet, brushing it down so it stayed crisp for the actual formal. He walked out of his room closing the door behind him and joined the other students who were sitting around the messy table. He heard the exchange between the two students, but thought it would be best to keep his mouth shut. Besides, he didn't know Leo had a girl.

Sean sat next to his dorm-mate, Jake, and lightly picked up a cookie so it wouldn't break. His hand reached over the others as he picked up a frosting knife and lathered the variety of colors onto the yellow cookie. "Is this for all the autumn dorms, or somethin'?"

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}   

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Christmas Cookies {Open to Autumns~}
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