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 What on earth? [Dorm 303]

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PostSubject: What on earth? [Dorm 303]   Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:22 pm

Cassandra was in a war zone. There was broken furniture littered around like a shrapnel bomb and gone off and shredded everything to pieces. Her room's door hung on it's hinges, caved in by something unnaturally big slamming against it with frightening force mercilessly. Her every step crunched as something was always underfoot, a glass shard, a busted up photo frame, a part of the wall, etc. But that wasn't what caught her attention and drew her deeper and deeper into the dorm.

There was blood splattered on the wall, on the floor and on the carpet randomly. It was like someone had dipped a brush in red paint and waved it around so that it's droplets sprayed everything in all directions. The room was a grotesque and macabre painting before her, but despite this, she pushed on through muddled with fear and concern for whoever's blood this was.

As far as she could see, Madison wasn't here. She'd carefully peered into the each room to check and for now, there was no one. But that was hardly a guarantee that Madison was somewhere safe, after all, they were the only two girls who still lived in this dorm room. It was unlikely that some random came here, got in a fight and trashed the place. So she kept looking for clues on what was going on despite the hair on the back of her neck prickling as she looked around.

A set of footsteps behind her echo in the hallway. Cassandra attempted to turn and face whoever it was. Her pink hair going everywhere as she moved at super speed fuelled by fear. But all she achieved was tripping over herself. "Ow!" She hissed, landing onto the ground and impaling the flesh skin between her thumb and her pointer finger on a sizeable splinter. But the distraction was momentary as she carefully pulled it out and said quietly with a bit of fear. "I can fight back, whoever you are. Stay back."


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PostSubject: Re: What on earth? [Dorm 303]   Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:05 pm

Gabe quickly put his hands up. "Woah there. I'm not here to fight. I was just coming to look at the wreckage that used to be dorm 303" the boy said. "Hey, are you alright? You seem to have hurt yourself when I accidentally startled you. Terribly sorry about that."

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PostSubject: Re: What on earth? [Dorm 303]   Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:54 pm

Drew was honestly not surprised to be disturbed by a loud commotion on this particular day. On most days he would jump out of his bed and rush to the scene, ready to fight with all of his might. But something about it told him to ignore it. And so he blasted his music, most likely disturbing his dormmates, and maybe even the dorm rooms next door. Once all the noise died down, the teen rose from his bed to see what on earth was going on down the hall.

When the boy left dorm 305, he did not expect to see a younger looking girl down on the ground with what looked like Gabe, his dormmate standing over her. Though the other boy held his hands up in innocence, Drew approached the two with a semi-frightening gaze. The blond bent down to Cass' level and held out a hand. His green eyes softened and he smiled at her. "Is this guy bothering you?"

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PostSubject: Re: What on earth? [Dorm 303]   

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What on earth? [Dorm 303]
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