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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Breathtaking Sights [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: Breathtaking Sights [CLOSED]   Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:39 pm

Beata… Beata, Beata, Beata, Beata, Beata…

What else could she possibly say? What else was there to vocalize, to project upon the audience before her, whom so happened to be the world?

There as a simplistic answer, and it was so obvious it was crushing.


There was nothing left for her to truly explore about the halls of Beata, and about the students as a whole. She had learned the favorite and least favorite subjects of the students, what many of them did in their spare time… Heck, she even knew who were the ones to watch out for, and the ones to watch. There were so many talented students in these halls, it was a surprise she was able to be one of them. One of the popular girls, who, even as a prefect, was favored. She didn’t enforce the rules as hard as she should be, but hey, she wasn’t one to be too harsh. Yes, she herself was a giant rule-book girl, yet even though she was, the need to enforce them as heavily as she now did upon herself… Just wasn’t there. How that happened, she didn’t even know.

Knowing the school like the back of her hand did come in handy sometimes. Including now. Even though her schedule had been rearranged a long time ago to accommodate her ‘prefect’ status, along with her boyfriends. God, it still was weird saying that… Even if her and Leo Herman had been going out for more than a month, the word still just didn’t sound right… rolling off of her tongue. Shrugging away the strange feeling, the ‘sophomore’ started walking up the steps to the rooftop. What was she talking about? Oh, right. Her classes were cut somewhat shorter to allow time for her to be a hall monitor and gather with the others, so, while she was ‘supposed’ to be patrolling before the passing period… She was up on the roof. Observing.

But, observing what? Well, the campus. Watching the few students who were out roam… Wait, there were more than a few. There were a whole bunch! Checking her wrist, it wasn’t passing period, or anything. All of a sudden, the realization hit her, hard. That’s what she got for going to a Friday night party in the dorms… Oh well. It was the weekend. Students were allowed to go around campus however they pleased, so long as they didn’t travel to the outside world. Which, of course, no one ever did. Well, she took that thought back. One or two people did, rarely. A shudder passed through the girls’ body at that thought.

Discarding the rather horrifying images from those scenarios, the prefect rested her elbows lightly on the ledge. Peering down beneath her, she waved to a few other students down below. Honestly, it was rather soothing standing upon the balcony, and so that was why she had initially rose to the occasion of occupying her time with the event. As boring as it would have been to an average Joe, to the pinkette it was exhilarating. She hadn’t even noticed the other person walking onto the balcony.


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PostSubject: Re: Breathtaking Sights [CLOSED]   Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:16 pm

He was one of those people where they knew his name, what he did, what he was supposed to do, and what his position of authority was yet they never see so much as a blink of an eye from him. Not a single photo. Not a single document. Nothing. There were those who simply said it was because his power was invisibility so they couldn't do anything about. Others were constantly whispering and gossiping in the hallways, calling the Spring Prefect as a fake, a ploy that the staff used so that they could keep in power over at least one of the houses instead of leaving it to the hands of some lowly student. Some hit closer to home, believing that he was just a ghost and spirit sent by one of the Guardians to haunt them. It would've made sense, if he had been one of those specters who enjoyed torture. But he didn't. Perhaps the rumors were spreading more and more, more people believing them because it was getting closer to Halloween. He didn't know. Nor should he care. Human behavior was always so trivial and demanded for things to be real when they weren't.

His hands kept themselves clenched on a gaming device as he strolled up the stairs, crimson eyes locked onto the bright screen. It had been awhile since he had used this, playing those silly games that once in a blue moon, he would enjoy. There was no need to worry about running into the door because, after all, he could just go through it. Being a ghost had benefits. It meant you didn't have to pay attention to anyone else or anyone else or anything else. That didn't stop him from taking on most of the chores that prefects were required to do, to keep himself busy after finishing whatever studies he had. Whenever he enforced rules in the hallways, all students saw were a sudden mysterious message clinging to the wall that warned them. Perhaps he was more harsh, but that was what Spring students were known for.


By the time a sudden light flooded his vision, he had finally registered that he was on the rooftop. Hieta closed the DS and shoved it into his pockets before glancing around, his eyes traveling towards the metal fence. Only some time ago did Destiny try and commit suicide by jumping off the roof. Humans overtaken by simple emotions. Perhaps it was more understandable with her, dealing with the spirit world and constantly being tormented with every soul that had met death coming to her. But it was silly, baseless, and she had assumed things before learning the facts. She had tried to run away from it all as though it would solve a temporary problem with a permanent solution. He had tried to think it over more, to try and find where she was coming from, but all he could grasp were the basic facts. There was no inner, emotional turmoil that he could he comprehend.

With an inaudible sigh, he cast a glance towards the other side of the roof to see a girl with rather bright pink hair. Keirsta. All he knew about her was that she was the Autumn prefect and was dating her partner. She wouldn't notice if he had come and left. His footsteps were silent for that reason. But something about the way she seemed entranced by simple scenery drew him in. He had to figure out what it was meant to be human again, didn't he? He brought a hand up to his throat before saying, "Hello." That was the best he could come up with at the moment. How did conversations work? Destiny and Brant wouldn't get off his case if he let this opportunity drop. He didn't want to think about what Nicola would do.


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Breathtaking Sights [CLOSED]
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