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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Not suspicious stranger [Sleepy-sempai, notice me.... Jay too]

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PostSubject: Not suspicious stranger [Sleepy-sempai, notice me.... Jay too]   Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:13 am

Quaint. That was Cayden Hawke's first impression of Rosebury, a bustling little township where 'gifted' people hid together away from society like they were diseased lepers. It was embarrassing. But he wasn't here to start a revolution or any other noble purpose, he was here to scope out the school. Arbor had bolted off here after Alfie had hacked into the school system and given them dossiers on all the children and adults currenting attending Beata Academy. An impressive list, one that made the fire burning just his skin thrum at the idea of a good fight, to assert himself over those who hid in the shadows.

A fire to chase out the little mice hidden in the hay.

But not today. Today, he was here to check out this little township. His grey hoodie covered his head, and sunglasses hid his eyes as he wandered about. His dress was a deliberate attempt of remaining inconspicuous. He'd read the files about everyone, recognising most as he walked past gaggles of students, but knowing was different to taking on in a fight. Most students here held dangerous potential, so he kept to himself leaning against a lamp post. Gleaming amber eyes watching over the rim of his sunglasses.


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PostSubject: Re: Not suspicious stranger [Sleepy-sempai, notice me.... Jay too]   Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:31 pm

Rosebury. Arbor needed food, a problem she knew too well about, and she heard Rosebury was the place to buy this food. Her student card flipped through her fingers as she walked up the street, hiding her face under the amber hood of her vest. She was a part of the crowd. She made it a point to avoid the girl named Kayla.

Gray hoodie, sunglasses. He'd look like an average thug to anybody else, and Arbor almost passed him without a second though, but those amber eyes. They seemed to jump at her from his monotone. A short glance, and she knew exactly who that was. He followed her. She made it perfectly clear that if he followed her, she'd kill him.

This was why when Arbor passed that lamp post, she veered left, facing up to him. He was a short boy, but still inches taller than she. She grabbed his arm and pinned the edge of a penny to his throat. It was a normal penny, but she could make that edge something more, something very sharp. Her eyes were hard, her mouth an unwavering frown. "What are you doing here?" she droned softly.

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Not suspicious stranger [Sleepy-sempai, notice me.... Jay too]
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