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 She's not sick

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PostSubject: Re: She's not sick   Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:35 pm

No longer a concern of hers...? Everything about this was her concern. The prefect was just another obstacle standing in her way, again, making things so much more complicated than they had to be. Well, Kayla had learned enough over the last minute or two that there wasn't any time to fuck around with this girl. At any time, she just had to twitch her fingers, and then they'd get blown away by some coin somebody dropped in the grass earlier and never picked up. She wouldn't answer her questions, and there wasn't any time to interrogate.

She had to die now.

Everything else was collateral damage.

This girl didn't know what was going on, but Kayla did. Somewhere along the line, she'd convinced herself that there was no other way.

She'd been warned. It'd be the prefect's fault if she got caught in the blast.

"I said get out of my way!" Kayla snapped her fingers.

The bolt should've struck the girl incapacitated on the ground, but instead, it somehow went spearing across the sky like a bottlerocket. Someone had yanked on the back of her collar, but it was like two or three seconds were missing from her memory. One moment she was staring down the hooded girl on the ground, the next she was being dragged backwards, and then bodily slammed into the grass by the nape of her shirt. To everyone else, it would've been like the Guardian had teleported in through thin air.

"Thank you, Miss Vasquez," Mrs. Harper sighed. Taylor was more suited to dealing with this one, but the impromptu rubber gloves she'd snatched off the janitor cart would have to do as far as protection went. They weren't perfect, only covered her hands, and would still be rendered useless with enough voltage, but Croft could only fight so much. With the explosion in the infirmary, this place would be swarming soon. "Miss Croft..." Lynn muttered by way of greeting, with a sharp glance out the corner of her eye. The girl was gritting her teeth, staring up at the Guardian with cold electric rage in her eyes.

She turned her attention, however briefly, to the other girl. "I don't believe I know your name." Lynn's hands fell to her sides. "But be smart and don't move. Miss Vasquez, escort Croft to the Headmaster's office. I think you both know the way. I'll handle this from here."

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PostSubject: Re: She's not sick   Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:03 pm

Arbor was ready to take the chance of getting, shot, shoving her hand into her pocket as Kayla got more and more aggressive, but pulling a coin out and--

She froze. A teacher had reprimanded the shocky girl, had pulled her away, and Arbor was safe. She sat up, shoving the coin back in her pocket and sighing. What a shitty battle. It was all that prefect's fault, pinning her down and almost getting her killed. She gave Alicia a sideways glare. What a useless police this school had.

No worries. She would battle Kayla again.

She was about to get to her feet when the teacher told her to stay put. The girl froze, looking up at her with irritated monotony. If anyone else had told her to stay put, she would have no doubt run, unless a gun was pointed at her head. This was a teacher, though. Alfie didn't make notes about teachers. For all Arbor knew, if she ran, she died. The girl sat there, glaring up at the people surrounding her, and when her eyes rested on Kayla, she smiled a half-smile. They'd meet again.

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She's not sick
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