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 A sunny day [chu chu]

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PostSubject: A sunny day [chu chu]   Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:01 am

occ; too make things clear the second passage is all about her flashback B)

It was raining.

It was raining but it was still sunny. It was sunny as day yet raindrops still had splattered on her face. She remembered a day like this, It was warm that day too. Corin never felt something so nostalgic but she had a flashback to her hard times.

She was able too hear screaming, not ordinary screaming but it was someone screaming with fear. She wasnt sure who it was but she just had felt herself running towards them.. Running towards the distressed person. When she got there it was too late she saw blood and a hand that showed no sign of life. Her own eyes were filled with fear, there was no where too turn she was entangled in a spiders web and there was a dark shadow nearby.. she could feel it. Corin was able too feel it clearly it was the shadow of her younger sister. A murder who had never shown any empathy too anyone.

The spring had blinked being pulled back out of her memories when rain had continued too fall. She glanced too see pink-hair, right she was going too show Cassandra around Rosebury how could she forget such a thing. Blinking slightly Corin was still dazed from her memories before she said something towards the summer. "I dont think Today was a good day to do this.."
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PostSubject: Re: A sunny day [chu chu]   Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:52 am

The weather was odd, but Cassandra braved the mix of rain and sun to go meet Corin. Wearing thin parka that doubled as a raincoat over her skirt and tee, she came down to the nearby town, Rosebury. All she actually knew about the humble town was that it was mostly manned by other gifted people, some even were ex-students.

While Beata was inherently interesting as all these superpowered students attended school together without a hitch, she was curious to see how a town would work. She'd never shown her powers in 'public', and preferred not to even at school. But that was a thought for another time.

When the pink haired girl spotted Corin, she waved and began to walk over. Her pace picking up when the other girl failed to respond in anyway, was something up?

"I dont think Today was a good day to do this.."

Cassandra hesitated in responding, uncertain how to react. If Corin didn't want to do this today, she was completely onboard, but at the same time, she feared it had something to do with her. But the dazed expression on the black haired girl's face slowed her slowly panicking heart. She took a deep breath. "Thanks okay, do you want some company back to the Academy? I'm not doing anything anyway."


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A sunny day [chu chu]
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