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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Say a Prayer [The Sixth Egg]

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PostSubject: Re: Say a Prayer [The Sixth Egg]   Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:39 am

Gift:Gravity Manipulation
Gift Power:4
Martial Prowess:3

What was with all of this confidence? It almost seemed like she knew what the outcome of the battle would be. If she does, i might as well try to change it to my liking. His eyes searched all over her body, trying to find anything he could use against her, and waiting for any type of muscle movement. It was hard to see however, since the girl was thick layers of blood. Hopefully that would slow her down a bit. Before he knew it, she had fired off her first attack. He sidestepped, just in time to barely miss the bolt. Immediately he mimicked her action, and increased the gravity around her.

Attack Type: Power Attack
Damage: -100 SP
Special Effect: None

800 SP
250 HP

795 SP
250 HP
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Bottom Pillow

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PostSubject: Re: Say a Prayer [The Sixth Egg]   Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:05 am

Just as she was bringing her hand back to throw another bolt, a sudden force pressed down on her that made her knees buckle. What the hell is... Her water-soaked clothes suddenly felt as heavy as lead. Don't tell me... gravity?

That was tricky. Something like telekinesis or hydrokinesis was simple enough to counter, but the manipulation of gravity itself was a different story. Was it limited to a specific bubble? Could she escape the pocket and enter into real gravity again, or would it just follow her? Did it drain his energy to use it? Was there a time limit? If he was using his power on her, would it still effect that other girl over there on the ground, or was she free to get up?

And if she was, who would Milah help? Her, or him? Would she run away? When would that dragon come swooping down? Would some other kid come charging in to try and steal the egg out from under them?

So many questions, but thinking and planning was always half the battle in stuff like this. Experience taught her that much.

There was only one way to test it, really.

Kayla charged forward with a pained leap, fighting against the force that tried to squash her. When she landed back on the concrete with a stomp, electricity spread across the bricks like ripples in a pond, heading straight for him.

Attack Type: Power
Damage: -100 SP
Special Effect: None

880 SP
250 HP

695 SP
250 HP

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Say a Prayer [The Sixth Egg]
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