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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Not Your Typical Opening Topic [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Not Your Typical Opening Topic [OPEN]   Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:21 pm

Well, I've already checked in and such... Might as well explore... Thoughts ran through the teens' head, her multi-colored eyes were seen somewhat underneath her hood. Locks of her black hair peeked through the jacket, and feet shuffled across the brick walkways. A backpack stayed with her, carrying what few goods she absolutely had to have. A cell phone was held in her hand, but it was shut off. When she felt it was clear, her hood was taken down. What was exposed were two different colored eyes, but the blue had what looked like a tattoo to the side to it, which indeed it was. But hey, it was something she chose for herself, to represent something she was. The pattern was something she had thought long and hard on too.

Finding a bench, the tired teen needed to sit down. Seeing that it was pretty empty in the luscious area, she just decided to take in what was happening.
One. I've somehow gotten to this god forsaken place of other psychotic people like me. Two, well, I've survived the first fifteen minutes without being bombarded... Three... I was able to get past the registration without being judged... I think... I guess I can be glad... Even though I was sent to this place just because my ability... Uugh, why couldn't I just be the introvert I am? She leaned back and angrily thought to herself. She still hated her dad who just HAD to send her here... But it wasn't like he was without a gift either. Yet all she had to say, was that she had no choice. The last thing Taimi had wanted was to be forced to learn her gift to a mastery. Being an honor roll introvert, it didn't make much of a difference for her when it came to schooling. She was fine when it came to smarts, bu the only result she had to go to was that her father wanted the best for her. Which he would have, considering that her mother had died from cancer... Which without her first realizing it with her power were they able to expand her to live... The thought of her mother holding her again depressed Taimi... Her struggle to deal with the death of her mother had lead her to become one of those kids... Yet surprisingly all she did was hide away in her room. Well, with more thought, it did lead her to think that she was also sent here to socialize for once in her life, something she was disgusted by. But then again, better late than never.

Her phone was in hand, a game being pulled up to pass the time. Nothing but the old Flappy Bird, the game that destroyed many, many phones long before she was born... But she enjoyed it. Even though she had wrecked so many damn phones playing it... It still was an all-time favorite... Well, it had to be since it was the only thing on there besides texts and Facebook.


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Not Your Typical Opening Topic [OPEN]
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