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Headmaster Wright is gathering students together on the Island for a single purpose...
Agrona is moving.
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 Time to practice (open)

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PostSubject: Time to practice (open)   Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:56 pm

Dylan walked into the forest. He was determined to train as hard as he could. He also decided that he needed a weapon. Looking at the ounce of iron that he carried he decided that a ranged weapon of some kind would be best. Looking at his ounce of iron he decided that a throwing star or shaken would do. He closed his hand on the iron a concentrated. A few seconds later a shurikan appeared in his hand. Dylan then walked up to a tree and cut a target into the tree. Standing about 12 feet away Dylan started to throw the lethal weapon at the tree over and over again.

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Time to practice (open)
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