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Headmaster Wright is gathering students together on the Island for a single purpose...
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 Unusual Creations (Open)

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PostSubject: Unusual Creations (Open)   Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:07 pm

A slow creak of a door. Blonde hair gleamed in the sunlight that came from the crack in the doorway. A small head peeked into the Art classroom, gazing about. Dark gray eyes blended with the pupils, making them appear alien. The student's face was casted with shadow, for the light was coming from behind the person. This person was rather short, under five feet. They strode into the dark room, flicking on only a few lights along the way. The windows were good enough lighting.

The small teen came up to a deep drawer, tugging at it until it opened. Inside were finished clay sculptures, and many plastic bags with deformed brown objects inside. The girl searched through them until she came to a medium sized bag, with multiple brown things inside. A name written in Sharpie was on the bag. 'Amelia M.'

After collecting some damp paper towels, the bag was opened. In reality, the objects weren't brown at all. They were simply carefully wrapped in damp towels. The objects were really what seemed to be multiple parts of a clay animal. It was still a dark gray, signaling it hadn't dried out over the course of the day. The girl sat on a stool, legs crossed and hands slightly moist and ready.

One object was unwrapped, revealing two separate legs, seemingly feline. Another held a pair of forelegs. A head and tail in the third. A moderately sized blob in the fourth. The blonde girl stood up to fetch a custom-made frame from atop a cabinet. While she had left her clay pieces unattended, someone else entered.


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Unusual Creations (Open)
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