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 Practice Makes Perfect (Open)

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PostSubject: Practice Makes Perfect (Open)   Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:06 pm

A tree branch brushed against her skin as she walked through the forest. Grace kept her eyes up, scanning the forest as she walked on the green grass. As always, Grace was wearing her converse, one of her shoes unlaced. She finally stopped when she reached her destination. In front of her was an empty clearing. Nothing was blocking it, no trees, no bushes, just green soft grass. She unlaced her other shoe and took them off, gently placing them in the outside of the circular-like clearing.

She ambled her way into the middle of the clearing and took a deep breath. Looking up, Grace smiled at the fact that the sky was already cleared. Awesome, makes my job easier. Grace slowly went into a mental state where she was just standing with her eyes closed. She concentrated on the area she was in and imagined the sky blank. Concentrating even harder, Grace imagined a grey storm cloud slowly appear in the sky. She allowed others to follow. Soon making a bunch of storm clouds form in the sky. Her eyes still shut, Grace imagined the clouds in closed in the area she was at. She then imagined the clouds dropping rain.

Only when Grace opened her eyes, did she notice how her energy left her. She felt like someone has multiply hit her in the gut. Crap, she said mentally. I shouldn't have tried so much. But even with her energy gone, Grace smiled because she felt the drops slowly hit her skin softly. Grace danced around in the drops, twirling and placing her arms out, almost as if embracing them.


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Practice Makes Perfect (Open)
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