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Headmaster Wright is gathering students together on the Island for a single purpose...
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 To Make A Friend

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PostSubject: To Make A Friend   Mon May 12, 2014 1:59 pm

The sun was high; the sky was bright, but Roxie barely cared. She hummed as she strolled though the forest, but it was to the tune of the song she was listening to. Her headphones covered her ears as she twirled the cord between her fingers. The new Autumn let her gaze shift around her, before she stopped and leaned against a tree. She hadn't gotten to know really anybody at the school yet; even her own dorm-mates. However, it was getting a bit weird seeing all the different people and not even knowing their names...Blah. She slid to the ground, her back still against the tree. Maybe if she was lucky, somebody would come across her and she could get to know them. She needed a friend of some sort she guessed.


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To Make A Friend
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